'You will forever be my always' Love Quotes Mug


Feel the love everytime you use the 'You will forever be my always' Love Quotes Mug! You do not have to always be beside your other half to say how much important he/she is, all he/she have to do is to look at the mug and read the quote printed on it.

  • Contains a unique and touching quote
  • Limited edition
  • GMQ exclusive
  • Not available in your local stores

The mug will ensure that your partner will never feel alone or insecure whenever you have to go to work or some other business travel. Buy at least 3 of the 'You will forever be my always' Love Quotes Mug, one for your partner, his/her office and another one for you, to enjoy our FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
I like this

I bought 2 of this mug one for me and another one for my girlfriend.I want to remind her that I am always his. She gets a little jealous whenever I talk to my female workmates or friends so I want to remind her that she is the only one for me starting when she wake up.

Nice prints

I like the mug itself and the quote in this mug is quite nice! It sends good vibes in the morning which is great. Thanks a lot, guys.