'Unity' Yellow Buddhist Mandala Pillow

Fall into a peaceful and happy slumber with the 'Unity' Yellow Buddhist Mandala Pillow! The vibrant yellow aura and the colorful mandala print will dispel all turbulences and sadness to put you in a perky and heartening mood that you can carry onto your dreams!
  • Size: 16" x 16" or 40.6 cm x 40.6 cm
  • A single-sided mandala with yellow background print
  • With pillow insert
  • Concealed zipper
  • Premium heavyweight faux burlap linen

The yellow color has always been strongly associated with the feeling of happiness, and there can be no greater experience than feeling delighted before drifting into sleep. The variegated patterns of the mandala even make the experience a visual feast. Never sleep with a sad or mad mood ever again with your 'Unity' Yellow Buddhist Mandala Pillow, and maybe get two or more for better sleep and enjoy FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Calms me down everytime

The cheery colors of this pillow, especially the yellow, calms me down especially after I work. I even scented it with my favorite oil for that maximum calming effect. I've had better nights because of this.

Makes me happy!

The yellow color just makes me happy, so I was so glad when I got this pillow because I just look at it when I feel sad then I cheer up immediately! It's even soft, so I sleep very well with it, too!