Love Yourself Quotes Pouch


Baby, you really should go and love yourself with the Love Yourself Quotes Pouch! The beautiful circles and dandelion accents make you realize that you yourself are deserving of beautiful things like love and dandelions!

  • Size:
    • Small: 8" x 5"
    • Large: 12" x 8"
  • Strong canvas-like exterior with prints on both sides
  • 50/50 poly-cotton black interior lining
  • Machine washable

In the darkest moments of your life when you feel like hating yourself, you should stop right there. Grab your tissues inside this pouch and take a good look at it. You are capable of loving and worthy of receiving it. It is a basic right of life that not even you can strip away from you. The Love Yourself Quotes Pouch is right there, waiting for the time you need the reminder. Get two or more and get to love yourself more and enjoy FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!

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Love yourself!

I love how there are pouches like these that motivate people! Great job to the team for these great products!