Le Dernier Amour Screwdriver Love Bracelet [6 Variants]

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Whisper flare and devour glare, this premium jewelry plunges in luxury paramount two crescents that vow an effervescent unity of felicity and serenity. A whimsical collection that embodies the emblem of passion and devotion. The golden screws seal the eternal love and the ethereal romance of a supreme couple. LIMITED EDITION and not available in stores.

  • Heirloom-quality 316L pure stainless steel
  • Features a compelling classic and timeless style
  • Mesmerizing, intensely hued, smooth and noble surface
  • Comes with a velvety taffeta gift purse like a vibrant red ruby 

The quintessential design and distinct elegance present this pulsera braccialetto as an exquisite elixir of dulcet dalliance and "un amore eterno" surrounded by diamonds and gemstones. Resplendently yours in luscious unisex variants, sold with a screwdriver. Kiss lightly and caress deeply, this exclusive adornment is sure to get you noticed on any occasion.

The virtuosity of craftsmanship devoted from genuine ore spawns a bold and splendid bracelet perfect for any outfit. Pair this lavish jewelry with your favorite watch for a delicate overall effect. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!

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