'Humility' Buddha Mandala iPhone Cases [5 Variants]


Perk up and be merry as your phone dons these 'Humility' Buddha Mandala iPhone Cases! The bright color palette of the mandala brings out a beautiful aura and a humble feeling that your monochrome phone back cannot ever hope to attain!

  • Available in 5 styles:
    • iPhone 5/5s
    • iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus
    • iPhone 6/6s
    • iPhone 7 Plus/7s Plus/8 Plus
    • iPhone 7/7s/8
  • Hard protective iPhone case
  • Has complete holes and buttons for each iPhone style

The large mandala is attractive and eye-catching with its vibrant colors wrapping perfectly around your iPhone in a precise fit. Everyone will definitely be enchanted as the intricate Humility spills through your fingers while using your device. It even provides trusty protection to your prized possession as a valuable bonus! Get two or more and enjoy FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
That circle is huge

I actually bought two of these to check if putting them together could make a bigger circle, aaaand, that didn't go well because the orientation of the cases cannot be changed. I thought it could pass for a couple case. But hey, it looks good, and shipping was free!

A colorful iPhone case

This particular design caught my eye because of how bright its colors are. I really like how they are so vibrant and they just make me feel cheerful every time I look at them. It seems that this mandala design is just the right one for me!