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Got myself this cute tumbler

The design is really minimalistic, just how I like it!

Gave a pillow to my wife

She's having troubles sleeping with our first son so I hope this pillow she can sleep better with this.

Will give this to my adoptive mom

I love my foster parents, especially my mom for doing so much for me. I hope she likes this!

My mom is the best!

My mom is a makeup artist, so I bought her this because she is really the best mom ever!

Inspired my mom to cook more often

So I got this for my mom so that she will be inspired to cook more meals for us. Now she's in the kitchen more often.

Wears this together with my mother

I bought two of these and my mom and I wear it when we go out together!

My mom loves it

I bought this from my first salary, and my mom now wears it almost every day. She looks great in it, too!

Cute tumbler

I bought this for my wife and she uses it every day at work. I like her using it.

I love the design

I gave this to my friend who just celebrated her first Mothers' Day, and she really likes it!

Beautiful pendant

Gave it to my mom, and she totally loved it!

My little daughter looks adorable in this onesie

I have so many clothes for my daughter, and in this one she looks extra cute!

Matthew looks so cute in it

My baby Matthew just looks so cute wearing this shirt. The quote really fits him, too!

Comfortable tank

This tank top is comfortable to wear I can wear it all day and until the next day, until I get smelly. hahah

Very big bag

The tote is so cute and big. Just what I need. Thumbs up!

My lovable pouch

The pouch is a really cute bag! It's really good on the eyes and I love bringing it everywhere!

Such a soft blanket!

The blanket is so adorable, and I love snuggling with it.

A very nice towel

I love going out of the shower with this towel. So soft and looks really nice, too!

Looks nice on my phone

The quote is short but sweet. The floral design and the pink motif is so adorable, too.

Lovably pink

I so love pink, and everything I put inside this pink pouch is pink. It's very sturdy, too!

Tumblers like these should be everywhere

I love this tumbler because it can keep my coffee warm (sometimes, even still hot) as I'm on the go.

A lovable mug

The black is so dark, just as I want it to! The quote kinda stands out from the mug too.

Bought this for my son

My son had a free wall, so I bought him this because I want him to work for what he wants. I hope he gets inspired with this poster.

Raglans FTW!

Raglans like these are the perfect kinds of clothes. I look so cool wearing this, and it feels really comfortable.

A nice tank

I love wearing tanks every day, and this one is hard to not wear, because it feels really nice and has a pretty sleek design.

A rad hoodie!

It's a very cool hoodie and very comfortable to wear. The design is pretty good, too.