Our Story

Good Morning Quotes began as a hobby for a group of young bookworms. In 2014, we decided to collect and publish inspirational quotes from the interesting books we read instead of simply writing them down  unshared in our personal dilapidated journals. On one of our typical reading sessions, on of us came up with the idea of creating a blog that compiles all of the beautiful quotes we encounter from all sorts of reading materials with the genuine goal of inspiring other people the way the same quotations inspired us.

Never did it ever occur in our wildest imagination that our simple blog will be a hit to millions of people across the globe. A few months after we carefully curated different quotations on the blog, we have received an overwhelming amount of positive responses from our followers which definitely kept us motivated on moving forward in providing free curated quote compilations to inspire more people. As Good Morning Quotes grew bigger, the fast-growing community also grew bigger.

Good Morning Quote became a go-to website for Quotes and Sayings featuring beautifully selected images. Our visually stunning images are filled with words of wisdom about love, life, happiness, truth, friendship, positive thinking, achieving goals, overcoming problems and fears, gaining strength, and everything else that matters in life.

One day, one of our earnest community members emailed us the exact verbatim below, "Good Morning Quote is THE place to get inspired and have some good vibes from the best life quotations! You guys always find and compile the best real life relatable quotations for us. I just hope those quotes were more accessible for everyone, especially if we wanted to share the quotes with someone not just in the form of an image but on physical items." With that email, a new aspiration was born!

What started as a sincere hobby, now turned into a full-time journey in providing the best life quotes combined with fascinating designs printed on different high-quality products. 

Our mission remains the same. We want to promote positivity, increase spirit, spark ideas, encourage success, and motivate people with love quotes, motivational life quotes, and inspiring friends quotes. We create not to sell but to continue to motivate the fast-growing community in our own simple and subtle way. We are hands-on in selecting the best quotes, designs, and the products. For printed items, designs are printed via DTG using Kornit machines that are known to be a gold standard in the print industry. We work with amazingly talented graphic designers who bring life to our ideas by creating original graphics that celebrate the beauty of life and love. Our unique designs feature motivational quotes, inspiring ideas, and a lot of cute and sometimes crazy graphics. Whether you in need of a little pat on the back of a kick in the ass to get moving, we’ve got you covered. 

At the end of the day, we are the same group of young people from all different parts of the world who wanted and still wants to bring a smile to other people’s face and to make every day a little bit better, lighter, and happier.

From our hearts with love, carpe diem!

-The Good Morning Quote Team