Buddha Quotes

Gautama Buddha, or the Buddha, was a sage, whose teachings formed the basis for Buddhism. He is best known as the person who has attained Enlightenment and the state of nirvana. Because of these spiritual achievements, he was believed to have a deep understanding of things, thus his teachings were proliferated. The Buddha, with his enlightened state, was believed to be full of wisdom, thus the Buddha Quotes are famous for being wise sayings and insights about the human life.

Outside Buddhism, Buddha's teachings can still be applied, because these are generally wise inputs about life itself. A variety of quotes can be found from his teachings, dealing with all aspects of life. There are quotes on love, on anger, on suffering, on death, on kindness, and on truth. The most famous ones are the short Buddha sayings, which are easy to remember. 

Buddha's teachings have ranged from being inspirational to meditation. Everyone covets the state of nirvana that the Buddha attained, thus his wisdom is revered all over the world by both non-Buddhists and Buddhists alike. By attempting to follow the Buddha Quotes that he has left as a legacy, people are trying to live their lives a bit better every day.